Children’s Ministries

The Children’s ministry at The Woods Baptist Church is devoted to teaching children of all ages about the love of Jesus Christ. Our dedicated staff work to provide easy to understand lesson plans and activities that children can discuss throughout the week with family at home. More>>

Converge College Ministries

Converge College Ministries is the parent ministry for all college oriented outreach ministries from the Woods Baptist Church. Currently, the Converge Ministry team works to provide weekly Bible Studies, community group and game nights, bonfires, study zones for finals and other activities for college students throughout the fall and spring semesters. They also actively work to provide conference, missions and outreach opportunities. More>>

TWBC Student Ministries

TWBC Student Ministries is devoted to engaging, loving, teaching, and discipling Middle School and High School students at the Woods Baptist Church. Elevate seeks to make Christ known to our students and give them opportunities to be the hands and feet of Jesus. More>>


Our missions team is dedicated to outreach in other cities, states, and countries. Our team has gone to many different places such as Puerto Rico, New Orleans, and Oaxaca, Mexico.  More>>

Special Needs Ministry

The Special Needs Ministry (called “Pure in Heart”) is committed to provide loving care for those with special needs and support for their families. This ministry is available for any age, at any developmental level, and with any medical need. We have licensed caregivers available for care during the Sunday school hour and worship service.

Senior Adult Ministry

We have a large impact on the senior adult community in Tyler and surrounding towns. There are many classes and bible studies catered to senior adults and their interests. We have many opportunities for outreach through our Senior Adult Ministry.  More>>


The tech ministry at the Woods strives to provide our body of believers with access to our learning materials in as many ways as possible. This is includes providing access to the Sermons Archive 24 hours a day, 7 days a week online. Sermons will be posted online for the Sunday morning worship service and the Converge worship service. Sermons are available for online listen and mp3 downloads for offline listening. More>>

Women of the Woods

The Women of the Woods is the Woods Baptist Church women’s ministry which provides a wide variety of activities, outreach events, Bible studies and community groups for various women’s groups throughout the church. More>>

Worship Ministry

The Worship ministry team at the Woods consists of ministry teams aiming to provide our body with an atmosphere that is free of distractions for members to worship the Lord. The worship ministry is comprised of the Choir and Instrumentalist, Student Praise Band, and Technical Ministry team. More>>

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